36C3 – Call for Participation

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The Event

The Chaos Communication Congress is the Chaos Computer Club’s (CCC) annual symposium and hacker party.

During four days between Christmas and New Year’s Eve, thousands of hackers, technology freaks, artists, and utopians get together in Leipzig to communicate, learn from each other, and party together.

The Congress is the longest running German IT security conference, the biggest European hacker gathering and grew into one of the most important conferences on digital transformation.

We focus on topics such as information technology, digital security, making, and breaking. We engage in creative, sceptical discourse on the interaction between technology and society.

Dates & deadlines


36C3 lectures are organized by tracks, each track is curated by a team of experts in the fields. Please choose one of the tracks below when submitting.

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Art & Culture
Ethics, Politics + Society Track Preview image
Ethics, Politics & Society
Hardware Track Preview image
Science Track Preview image
Security Track Preview image

Resilience & Sustainabilty

This year, we’ll put a special emphasis on submissions regarding topics that help making our planet worth living for much longer: If you’re a climate scientist, a lobbyist for the right to repair, a tinkerer scrubbing CO₂ from our atmosphere or a software programmer optimizing code or protocols to reduce their energy impact, we keep a dedicated pool of lectures just for you!

Online submissions only

Please submit your talk to our conference planning system at https://frab.cccv.de/en/36c3/cfp. Lectures are 40 or 60 minutes by default.

Simply follow the instructions there. If you plan to submit anything other than a lecture, want to present longer than 60 minutes, or just have any questions regarding the submission, you are welcome to contact us via mail at 36c3-content(at)cccv.de.

Submission guidelines

Please send us a description of your suggested talk that is as complete as possible. The description is the main criterium for acceptance or rejection, so please ensure that it is as clear and complete as possible. Quality comes before quantity. Due to the non-commercial nature of the event, presentations which aim to market or promote commercial products or entities will be rejected without consideration.

Since most participants find (or don’t find) a lecture by its title, it’s important to keep it precise, accessible and comprehensible. Our teams will keep a keen eye on title and subtitle and make suggestions to change them if necessary, so please avoid insider jokes and stereotypes. It would be a shame if we would have to reject an otherwise excellent submission because the title does not tell much about the actual content.

As it is likely that there will be multiple submissions on the same topic, please show us exactly why your talk should be part of the conference. Remember that the teams are diversely staffed, and not every reviewer knows every submitter and their background. Please write something about yourself, your research, and your motivation. It does not matter if the talk has been held at another conference somewhere on this planet, as long as it is up to date and relevant.

Talks should be either 30 minutes long plus 10 minutes for questions and answers or 45 minutes long plus 15 minutes for questions and answers. Longer slots are possible if absolutely necessary, but should be an exception. Please take our limited amount of presentation time into consideration, check how much time you really need to bring home your points and then tell us the proposed length of your talk.

Travel, costs & visa

The Chaos Communication Congress is a non-commercial event where neither the organisers nor the speakers are being paid. As an accepted speaker for a full talk, you get free admission, though. If necessary, we are able to provide limited support for travel costs. If you need help applying for a visa, such as an official invitation to present to the German embassy, please make sure to let the content team know well in advance. Please be aware that the visa application procedure may take up to six weeks.