36C3 – Speaker's checklist

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Glad to have you!

Thank you for submitting to 36C3. Your submission has been accepted to the conference. In order to have the best experience speaking at 36C3, please have a quick look at this pre-flight checklist!

If you have questions not covered here, please reply to your acceptance mail. If that does not work for some reason, reach out to us via e-mail and be sure to mention your talk name and submission number.

Confirm attendance, date & time

36C3 takes place in Leipzig from 27 December 2019 to 30 December 2019.

Your presentation is 40 minutes long. This is 30 minutes plus 10 minutes Q&A.

Did you already re-confirm your attendance after being accepted? For all your presentations?

Did you enter your availabilities? We need to know when you're available in order to find a spot for your presentation in the Fahrplan schedule.

Tech rider

Bring you own laptop. We do not keep spare notebooks unless you have explicitly made arrangements.

In case you plan to use slides, please make sure they fit the format 16:9.

Do you need any special equipment for your presentation, other than microphone and standard video adapter for your presentation? If so, please add it to your tech rider or send an e-mail.

Recording & Licenses

By default, all presentations will be streamed live and eventually published on media.ccc.de. If you do not want this, please select the "Do not record" option on your event. Additionally, please make sure to also notify your coordinator via e-mail.

All recordings and streams are released under the Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International (CC BY 4.0) license. This license allows commercial use of excerpts by media institutions as part of their reporting. If you do not wish for material from your lecture to be published or streamed, please let us know your submission.

Travel & Visa

Did you make sure that your availabilities match your travel plans?

Do you need support in getting a visa? If so, send us an e-mail as soon as possible. Please be aware that the visa application procedure may take up to six weeks.

Do you need support planning your travels to Leipzig? We're glad to help.

Do you need financial support to make it to Leipzig? If necessary, we are able to provide limited support for travel costs. Please contact us.


Do you need any kind of assistance or are you presenting with an aide? Make sure to add it to the notes section of your submission and send us an e-mail.


Do you need help finding an accommodation in Leipzig? Please don't hesitate to contact us!

Things to avoid

36C3 is a non-commercial conference. While a non-obtrusive mention of your employer on the first slide is acceptable, please refrain from abusing the stage as a marketing show.

We do not wish to give active military or secret service personnel a stage. So if you or your co-speakers have an undisclosed mil/sec background, you will be un-invited even if we initially had accepted your submission.

Final touches & Arrival on venue

Please double check your abstract, lecture details and speaker's bio. 36C3 content curation teams or the speaker's desk are glad to help.

Do you want to add a paper to our proceedings? If so, send us an e-mail.

During Congress the speaker's desk is your primary point of contact. They can help you out with a printer, tea and cookies, and provide a work space for you to put finishing touches on your presentation. The speaker's desk is also in charge of maintaining the schedule and making adjustments as necessary.

Please report to the speaker's desk when you arrive at the venue, preferably at least an hour before your presentation, to let them know that you're ready to present.